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Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Podcast

Join your host Jammie Avila as he shares his thoughts on a wide variety of financial topics surrounding retirement strategy, investment management, tax planning and more!

Jammie Avila is the managing partner and co-founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

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Jun 29, 2020

Social Security isn’t a topic that clients are well-versed in when we first meet them, but it’s a critical component to the income planning portion of your retirement. Many factors weigh into the claiming strategy and we want to clear up many of the common misbeliefs that are out there.

Show Notes, Contact & Resources:


0:47 – Why we’re talking about this topic today.

1:30 – How much do clients typically know about Social Security?

2:01 – Myth: The SSA is going to help you make the best decision to when to start your benefit.

5:36 – Myth: You won’t get any Social Security if you were a stay-at-home mom.

7:29 – Myth: You won’t pay taxes on your SS since you already paid taxes on that money when you paid into the system.  

9:40 – You can be proactive to lower your tax obligations.

11:15 – Myth: There won’t be any Social Security left when you retire.

12:39 – Myth: Claim your Social Security benefit as soon as you’re eligible.

15:10 – Final thought on this topic.