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Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Podcast

Join your host Jammie Avila as he shares his thoughts on a wide variety of financial topics surrounding retirement strategy, investment management, tax planning and more!

Jammie Avila is the managing partner and co-founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

Get more information at or by calling 702-252-5252.

Jun 27, 2020

Our Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Process is focused around 5 key pillars of retirement planning designed to help our clients achieve the retirement they have always dreamed of. This episode is all about taxes and how we work with clients to reduce their tax liabilities in retirement.

Show Notes, Contact & Resources:


1:11 – The difference between tax filing and tax planning.

2:32 – We have to be forward-looking when it comes to taxes.

5:23 – Most people believe their taxes are going to be lower in taxes.

6:58 – Why do we have this as a pillar in our planning?

8:33 – We’re assessing the taxable nature of your current holdings.  

9:10 – What are some of the strategies we can use to decrease taxes?

10:17 – An example of how you would adjust your portfolio.

12:39 – Tax planning is a key way we show our worth.

13:03 – Why a lot of clients are considering Roth conversions.

14:49 – The SECURE Act has a big impact.

17:15 – What tools do we use to make sure we’re doing what’s best for the client?

19:02 – Anthony shares an example of how he helps clients with tax planning.