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Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Podcast

Join your host Jammie Avila as he shares his thoughts on a wide variety of financial topics surrounding retirement strategy, investment management, tax planning and more!

Jammie Avila is the managing partner and co-founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

Get more information at or by calling 702-252-5252.

Jun 29, 2020

Retirement planning is much like football. The closer you get to the endzone, the more important the strategy becomes. Let’s take a look at these crucial planning years and talk about what you need to be doing to avoid a critical turnover.

Show Notes, Contact & Resources:


0:36 – Cornerstone got out and had a company party.  

1:36 – What is the financial red zone and why is it important? 

3:39 – What are some of the common mistakes that people make? 

7:08 – Asset-based long-term care 

7:58 – Another mistake: taking too much risk close to retirement. 

9:23 – Client example of taking on too much risk.

11:50 – You shouldn’t be making audibles to your plan in the red zone.

13:03 – We see people that haven’t planned at all and they’re on the doorstep to retirement. It’s a challenge.

15:39 – Why is retirement planning easier for people that have started planning before the red zone? 

16:55 – What you should be thinking about in the red zone.